The Most Important of The Lean Startup Methodology

Lean Startup is a startup company that focuses on how to make product prototypes quickly. When the product is released you will find some data about the product on the market. From the market data you can make the product better and more relevant to the market. When the new product is released you will get the data again to make the product better again and again. It's called Lean cycle startup. You can see the image below.

lean startup methodology

The most important thing about Lean startup methodology is the principle. There are 5 important principles that you have to embed in your mindset.

Entrepreneurs are everywhere

This is an important thing that you should keep in mind and apply. This is very important for your team and especially for you. Entrepreneurs are not just about office space, but entrepreneurs are everywhere. On the Baseball field, on the basketball court, on the roadside, or at home. You have to open yourself up and observe anything around you. You should observe how entrepreneurs expand their business. You will learn many things from anywhere. This will make you more passionate at developing your startup.

Entrepreneurship is management

You need to remember when you build a startup company not only focus on the product. This is a huge mistake that often happens. Remember that a startup is a company. In building your company, you need a good management. Especially team management. You know that teamwork is the most important thing in the company. Without a good teamwork never expect your startup vision can be achieved. Without it your startup is nothing. And don't be surprised that your company will be bankrupt.

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Validated Learning

Validation and validation. Startups are not just about making products and selling them. However, the startup should observe what the consumers want. You have to do some validated learning. You should test the assumptions about the market with real data on the market. After launching the product, the next thing is to validate it. You should collect some data to make decisions for product development. This will make your product relevant to the interests of the customer, so the sales will increase.


After you do validated learning the next is to develop the product. Keep in mind that even if you have done product development, never expect the sale will always increase. There are many sentiments can affect the sales rate quickly. The most important thing is decision making. You have to repeat the cycle from the start. Before making a decision you have to do validated learning again.

Innovation Accounting

The next principle of lean startup methodology is accounting. Accounting is very important, but it is not enough. Your Startup should also be accounting for company progress. From the data you can take several decisions for the development of the company. Then you should prioritize a specific job. This will make your company more professional and sustainable.

lean startup methodology

 Lean Startup Methodology is a method to find and validate that you have identified the interests of consumers and made the right product for the consumer. This method focuses on how you satisfy your customers. The lean startup methodology will make you do some validated learning frequently. You know that consumer interest is volatile. You certainly know what the result is for your product. You shouldn't let that happens. When that happens you just need to repeat the cycle from the start. Build-measure-learn. That will make your business profitable and sustainable.

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