4 Things that need to be noted in the financial book

For those of you who are beginners in managing finances certainly ask questions, what things need to be recorded in the financial book? Those of you who have graduated from accounting, secretaries, and so on must have learned it. However, for someone who is a novice at all, this can be a problem in itself. Therefore, know a few basic things that must be in the financial book so that your budget is organized and organized.

Recording financial transactions very important from the start, because it will certainly affect the next financial condition. What should be done to record every transaction both expenses and income properly and correctly? As follows we will review a few tips and tricks for you in the form of basic things that you must include in financial records. Let's see

1. Proof of Transaction

Proof of transaction is the most needed tool as proof of your actual expenditure history. Before recording finances, you should prepare the proof of your transaction in other words every time you spend, do not discard the transaction evidence before recording. With proof of transaction, you will not forget to shop. Financial data will be even more accurate.

2. Fill out the expense journal

After analyzing all the evidence of existing transactions, you can immediately record it in a daily financial journal. What is a journal? This journal is a note that is compiled systematically and based on the chronology of the transactions made. There are many, many benefits of journals. In its own division, you must know that there are two journals, namely general journals and special journals. General journals are used to record all transactions while special journals record specific transactions.

3. Main cash book

Now, after finishing recording all your expenses with proof of transaction, now is the time for you to prepare the main cash book. The main cash book that is used is what serves to record transactions between income and expenditure cash books. From the comparison of these two books, you will find out in detail about the advantages and disadvantages of the business you are in

4. Income statement

The next thing that should not be overlooked in a financial recording is the income statement. this function is to record all revenues and expenses of the company for a certain period of time. By making this report, you can see whether your finances are in a profit or loss position. So you can further evaluate and control for the next financial.

This is clearly the information provided to you regarding the basis of good and correct financial records. By including these points, you will be helped to obtain complete financial records for the evaluation phase every week or a certain period of time. It's all useful

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