How to business on game online GTA 5 | Based on real story

What business should I buy I have limited funds or I want to work a certain way or I want to do things this way or that way. So, I'm gonna be doing this video today and we're gonna be going from the best business to own to the worst. There's five main ones you can have in-game.

We're gonna be talking about the pros and cons of each. And giving you an overall idea of which one might be the best for you. Now, in this video we're only going to be talking about the businesses that were added in each update. The businesses could have come alongside other pretty cool vehicles or features. But, we're strictly going to be looking at the business part of this. So, the first thing and the best business you can own is the import-export business.

how to business on game online GTA 5

How to business on GTA 5 | Based on real story

GTA is a great game. So, this update expands on further adventures in finance and felony by allowing CEO organizations to steal and export high-end vehicles from other rival challengers across Los Santos and Blaine County. In order to get started with the import/export stuff you need a CEO office. You also need a vehicle warehouse. Those are two big items that you need to purchase before you can ultimately start this.

But, once you've done that you're pretty much good to go your vehicle. Warehouse can store up to 40 vehicles and essentially what you're doing is you're taking a car. You're storing it and then you're selling it. That's pretty much as simple as it gets. There's three types of cars standard, mid-range and top range. Each with a different price value.

Now, you can sell the cars individually or you can sell them as a part of sets and get an added bonus. Of course, the more top range cars you sell the more money you're gonna make. However, if you sell all standard range vehicles you're gonna make less money. Now, there are no upgrades to the vehicle warehouses all of them can store 40 cars. There's no security upgrades or anything like that. It means your warehouse can't be rated. Then once you do go to sell you can either do a private buyer showroom or specialist dealer.

It being the low risk low reward the showroom being medium risk medium reward. The specialist dealer being high-risk high-reward which is the one that I typically do now when it comes time to selling. All you have to do is modify the car. You can change it up in whatever way shape and form you want. 

It's pretty easy. All you have to do is deliver the vehicle from point A to point B with his little damage done to the car as possible damage is sort of the thing that Rockstar does. It is for to kind of keep you in check screw sort of a system of checks and balances. So, if you keep the car with minimal damage the more money you'll make and that system applies on the delivery and the sourcing of the vehicle too. 

Why it is the best business?

So, the reason this is the best business in my opinion is for a couple things number one the ease most of the missions are not very complicated. Not very difficult. It's go from point A to point B. Grab the vehicle and bring it back to point. Pretty simple and same with the cell missions you just drive the car from point A to point . And number two the payouts are generally pretty great for the amount of work that you can do. Even though there is a cool-down period afterwards. 

It's not all that bad so import/export is most definitely the best business option you can do it online as far as a hands-on approach goes. It's super awesome and it's probably my favorite. It's the most lucrative business as well moving on at the number two spot we have the biker business. So, the biker business is kind of different from all the other ones because it was the first to offer sort of a hands-off approach. So, players have the ability to run their own motorcycle club. They can purchase new business properties to sell product and make a profit.

What I should do on this budiness?

It's similar to the special cargo Network from finance and felony. However, it's a little bit different because it's more hands-off it includes buying various types of business like a forgery, a weed farm counterfeit, cash factory, methamphetamine labs and a cocaine. In that case, you essentially can either steal supplies or buy supplies. Then, you just have to wait for your workers to build it up. 

Tips & trick doing this business

It's pretty simple. Once, you have a full supply of set item you then sell. It it's pretty simple. Now, there are a couple differences between this and import/export number. One is the different types of items that you'll be selling. They have different values and different amounts to keep. Long story short, the two or three that you want to focus on are counterfeit cash, methamphetamines and cocaine. Those three are the best you don't really need to worry about the forgery or the weed farm as cool as they are. 

You really don't need to worry about them. Now, your biker businesses can be rated. So, that's why it's important to do the security staff upgrades. Those are some of the things that the import/export businesses don't have. So, overall this isprobably the best hands-off approach. Why the biker business is so great is because, if you want this you can just steal supplies wait for your workers to create the product. And then you can sell it.

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So, it doesn't require a whole lot of work from you other than the selling objective which is not all that difficult. It's very similar. It's just typically done in a team of four or five or six people. You bring the product from point A to point B, and that is it.

In my opinion, the biker business is the best hands off business that you can own in the game. But, there is another one and that is at the number three spot today and that is the bunker stuff. So the bunker stuff that was added in gun-running is very similar to the biker business added in bikers. Where it's similar is that it's another hands-off business. Where you either have the option to steal the supplies or source them. 

Once you have a certain amount, you can choose to sell them. There's also a lot of other similarities as well your business can be rated and your stock can be taken away from you. However, the one particular reason why I think the biker business is a little bit better than the bunker business is for a couple things number one at the bunker business. 

In my opinion, is a little boring because it's all the same thing it's just guns. There's no difference the cocaine, the methamphetamine, the counterfeit cash, the weed, the forgeries. They all have their own different spin and taste which i think is a little bit more creative. A little bit cooler and with the biker stuff you can have multiple businesses running.

At the same time you can have a weed farm you could have a cocaine lockup which can be earning you more money. Whereas the bunker is kind of a one thing it's you have all your eggs in one basket which can be a good thing or a bad thing. And number two the sourcing and selling missions for the bunker stuff is a lot more difficult than the biker stuff. Some of the missions have you driving dune buggies up on mountains you never see any of that with the biker stuff. That's why it's on my opinion a little bit less lucrative than the biker stuff.

It's a little bit more expensive as well to tap into it. Owning a bunker is more expensive than an AMC clubhouse. And businesses that you'll ultimately need so as far as pricing goes. It's also more expensive as well. Now, let's move on to the fourth business and that is the CEO organization. This was added with finance and felony. It gave our players the ability to become the CEO of a criminal organization. Hire associates to buy and sell cargo through the special cargo network.

This is the one that got us all started and the reason this is fourth on the list today and not higher up it's actually not a bad way to make money. The money with finance a felony is great. It's just monotonous and it takes a long time. This requires a CEO office and it also requires a warehouse to store the cargo. Now, the warehouses can be small, medium or large.

The large obviously giving you the most space. It just takes a long time to fill that up because you can only source three cargos at a time. There is a little bit of a cool-down period after each cargo. The reason I said it's monotonous is literally all the missions are the same.

How many i can earn from this game?

You honestly have to force yourself to want to do those sort of missions over and over and over again. But, the caveat at the end of the day the payout is quite nice. I think you can make over 2.2 million dollars for a large warehouse. Now, that doesn't include the price of actually buying the cargo. So, I think your grand total is around 1.6 1.5 million dollars for ending up selling a large one of those. I will say this business is pretty great if you're first getting into this sort of stuff. Because, it will force you to buy a CEO office which you of course need for import/export. It also gives you a taste of sort of how these missions work. Whereas with the biker self import/export stuff you get into a little bit more the complex ones. So, I would say the CEO finance and felony stuff is a great starter business.

But, it does get boring after a while and even though the payout is nice it doesn't compare to that of bikers or import/export all right. In the last business, we're gonna be looking at today is the aircraft hangar smuggling business that came out with smugglers. This in my opinion is the worst business you can have in online.

Now, actually getting this business started is not all that bad the only thing you need is an aircraft hangar. That's not terribly expensive when you compare to some of the other buildings and businesses that you need owning an aircraft hangar not all that terrible. However, the business is not all that great. So, essentially you can collect eight different items narcotics, chemicals, medical supplies, animal, materials arts and antiques jewelry, etc.

The only problem with that is you collect three at a time and you can only have a maximum of 50 this is incredibly slow. Each one of those items is only worth $10,000, so if you think about it the maximum you can make without any bonuses is $500,000. The missions to not only source the items, but sell them are incredibly difficult. So, do they involve some pretty cool vehicles like the sky lift and as we see them right now some unreleased cars. 

Yeah, the missions are fun. They're just time-consuming and difficult. When it comes down to making money that's not what we're looking for. We're looking for getting the most amount of profit. Doing the least amount of work. Smugglers run is the exact opposite. It's the most amount of work even though it might be fun and you're getting the least amount of profit. Here so the smugglers run business is probably the only one that I would say you should probably avoid in online. 

It doesn't really make a whole lot of sense for you to invest in this because there's really no upside unless you're just looking to do them for fun. But, I'm sure most of you guys are watching this video trying to figure out what would be the best business for you. you're not necessarily looking for well. This will give me the most fun missions to do.

Last word

Bottom line, I would avoid these smugglers run stuff I do not think it's great. I don't think that it's worth wild for you to invest in as far as making money goes in Grand Theft Auto online. But, anyways that's all the information that I'm gonna be talking about for you guys.

Those are the top five businesses that you can own in grand theft auto online with GTA 5. 

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