lnk_reshuffle : Tutorial to install mods steps by steps

Ink-reshuffl - So far most of my DoA5 mods are made using the DLC method. Sadly, this method has two inconveniences: The costume slots are limited (specially for men) and they are being filled with DLCs and this method only works with cracked versions of the game.

ink-reshuffle: mods install

This is the reason why my new mods will use lnk_reshuffle (thanks to immi). This tool replaces existing costumes with the mods. Also, I'll explain how to use previous mods (that use the DLC method) with this tool.

lnk_reshuffl installing mods

You're gonna need these tools:

-Archive Tool (Only if you want to extract mods using the DLC method to use them with the lnk_reshuffle tool. If not, just skip to step 2): www.mediafire.com/folder/ec6hz…


Note: You must copy the "dinput8.dll" file from the lnk_reshuffle file (it's in the "doa++-X.X.X" folder) to the game's main folder.

Note 2: Since version 5.13 the file is called "devenum.dll" for better compatibility with Autolink and other tools. Copy it to the game's main folder and don't touch "dinput8.dll".

Note 3: Version 1.08A of the game is not compatible with this tool. Any other version should work.

1. Extracting mods.

  • -Open Archive Tool.
  • ArchiveTool by Segadordelinks
  • -Open the .bin file where the mod is. (A)
  • -Select the files of the mod. (B)
  • If there are many files you can use this filter to help with the search. (C)
  • -Extract the files. You can write or select the folder where the files will be extracted to. (D)
  • You can rename the files if you want.

2. Installing mods.

  • -Open lnk_reshuffle.
  • -Select the game's executable (game.exe) in the game's main folder. (A)
  • The program will remember this, so this is only needed the first time.
  • -Select character. (B)
  • -Select costume to replace. (C)

Note: So far, DLCs can't be replaced with this method (the ones in blue).

  • -Select one of the files of the mod. (D)
  • -Click in the slot with the same extension (e.g. .TMC). (E)
  • -Click in "Swap". (F)
  • -Repeat D-F with the other files.

Note: This tool only can replace files. Slots without files (like the icon) aren't affected ingame.

Note 2: The new version automatically adds all the files with the same name (adding them as a pack, to save time) if you right-click in the slot and select "swap...". If you don't want any of the files to be swapped just click in "clear".

Now the mod is ready.

Other options of lnk_reshuffle

  1. -You can enable/disable the glasses option of the character selection menu. (a)
  2. -You can edit the hairstyles and detail options for each costume. (b)
  3. You can insert here hair mods. More info here: w11.zetaboards.com/SFxT_Mods/t…
  4. To return to the original hairstyles and details click in "revert costume".
  5. -To uninstall mods select the files and click in "Revert". (c)

Importing files

There is a way to install new files without replacing existing ones, using obsolete files. It is specially useful when adding new hairs or faces (swapping them would change every costume that uses them).

The new version of lnk_reshuffle automatizes this process.

  1. -Right-Click in the slot you want to use.
  2. -Click in "import...".
  3. -Click in "pick", select the mod's file(s), and click in "confirm".

The new file(s) will be added to the database. If you want to use them again right-click in the slot you want, select "set..." and search for the new file (select "swapped" to make it easier).


Now you can add files to the database instead of using obsolete ones.

Just click in *S* before importing.

Adding new hairstyles and faces

With this method you can add extra hairstyles and faces to be used for specific costumes/mods.

  1. -In lnk_reshuffle click in "DLC slots".
  2. Import by Segadordelinks
  3. -Click in "+" to add an extra slot.
  4. -Right click in the first line of the new slot and click in "import...". Then select the files of the new hairstyle/face.
  5. If you want to use an existing hairstyle/face (like using Mai's hair on Kasumi, for example), use "set..." instead.
  6. -The new hairstyle/face will be added to the database.
  7. -Go to "Costumes", select a costume, right-click in a hairstyle/face and click in "assign hair...".
  8. -Select a hairstyle/face.

And now the new hairstyle/face is ready to use.

Remember that with the HairStyles "+" and "-" buttons you can select the number of hairstyles the costume/mod will have (Maximum 8). mmmmmmmmmm

How to add extra slots

In the "Slot List" window you can see some empty slots. You can add them to your game.

  1. -Select the empty slot.
  2. -Check the "active" option.
  3. -Import all the files you need for the mod (.PHYD is almost never used).
  4. -Select hairstyles and faces.
  5. -Add details (if needed).

In the "Slot List" window the numbers in the left indicate the costume number ingame.

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